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    The Truth About Goldfish is based on 15+ years of hands-on, real-life experience and countless hours of research into goldfish keeping. Veterinarians, breeders, pathologists, importers and seasoned goldfish owners were consulted on goldfish care. All of this research has been poured into the book, so you can have a dependable, permanent source of information to turn to whenever you need. It’s like having a goldfish expert at your side at any moment!

    It doesn’t take long browsing the internet to realize that there is a lot of conflicting advice online. Some of it is useful, but a lot of it is downright inaccurate. What really works? What is only theory? Who do you believe? The Truth About Goldfish goes deeper: Instead of you having to take the risk of trial-and-error with your beloved pets to figure out what works, this book was written to clear away the misinformation and give you the complete truth, saving you time, money and heartache.

    Yes. You’ll learn exactly what you need to have for a thriving aquarium (as well as money-saving tips). You will save money by buying only what is useful.

    Yes. The eBook is in PDF format and is readable on mobile. You can download it directly to your computer to pull up whenever you need it.