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What's Inside

The Truth About Goldfish is for you if...

You're busy with life or family and don't need a lot of extra work or stress

You've tried the "conventional" pet store or online advice and it hasn't worked

You want to stop blindly guessing what the problem is and get real answers

You've gotten as far as you can on your own and are ready to get to the next level

  • "I bought your eBook last year and I am SO glad I did! I have at least 10-20 books on goldfish care and aquariums and none of them even come close to this book! This book takes a modern, no-nonsense, "less-is-more" approach to goldfish keeping... Everything is spelled out in a clear, complete and concise manner... The Truth About Goldfish answered questions I had, before I even ever knew I had them. It covers every aspect of goldfish keeping that you need to maintain a happy, healthy aquarium. It truly is my holy grail when it comes to goldfish advice! My goldfish literally would not be alive without this book (I had been doing it wrong for so many years)! Thanks for writing this amazing book. I can't sing its praises enough! :D
    Lees K.
  • Tammy A.
    "I received your book for a Christmas present (I asked for it) and I couldn’t put it down. Have read it 3 times cover to cover and each time find something I missed. Your book is really the only book anyone who loves goldfish would need. I absolutely love this hobby and I adore my goldfish. Before I read your book, I already had a 55 gallon tank with 5 fancies in it. I know this is pushing the limits. I use double filtration and do a 90 percent water change once a week. My fish are beautiful and growing! I believe the information from your book has helped me be successful! I feel like a confident goldfish owner. Many thanks for your labor of love. Just one more thing to share: my aquarium is bare bottomed (thanks to you) and when I put algae wafers in, my goldfish kick them around like hockey pucks. They make a lot of racket and I think they are having fun! Thanks again."
    Tammy A.
  • Jim
    "I liked the book because I am always having fish die on me too early. I am using some of your suggestions, especially for swimbladder problems, and it is helping... my fish are a lot more active. Mainly it’s nice to know these tips or secrets, instead of over medicating the fish, great book."
  • Leigh-Ann H.
    "I find The Truth About Goldfish an invaluable resource. If I have a query or a problem I can quickly look it up and find out what to do next. The Truth About Goldfish is well researched and covers everything a goldfish keeper needs to know plus other interesting information as well... It is comforting to have such information readily available when I am worried about my fish."
    Leigh-Ann H.
  • "I cannot tell you how much your help means to me. I just love my 3 goldies (by the way since I started doing your methods, all of them are growing again!). Feeling so helpless and like everything I was doing was making it worse was a terrible feeling. Especially when almost everything I read online gave differing opinions... Having an expert with a comprehensive eBook and who is so willing to answer my lengthy worried emails really is quite amazing. Thank you."
    Lissa S.
  • Carrie M.
    My goldfish Pudge had an infected eye. I searched many sites with no real luck. I contacted Meredith (got the support email from her book) and she got back to me very quickly with some sound advice. Every time I needed an answer she responded. Her book is very informative and I highly recommend it. If you have goldfish this book is an excellent source of information and a must have.
    Carrie M.


Does Your Goldfish Need Help?

  • Why MOST goldfish don't make it past 1 year before dying mysteriously... and how to give your goldfish a long, happy life
  • The 5 reasons why your goldfish sits at the bottom of the tank or becomes lethargic - and how to make them feel better
  • What to do about red streaky veins or spots in the fins (so they heal and never come back)
  • The #1 reason why your goldfish has red spots or red patches on its body and how to get rid of them
  • How to beat frustrating floating problems so your fish can get back to swimming normally again
  • The 12 critical parameters that cause water poisoning in goldfish: how to fix them and nurse your fish back to health
  • Your goldfish's tail has tears, rotting or fraying of the tail: the 4 things to do right now
  • Decoding split or shredded fins and how to reverse the damage
  • The REAL reason why scales are missing from your fish (and the simple trick to getting them to grow back)
  • Unusual skin issues or growths and what to do for them
  • The little-known treatment that can CURE bloating, dropsy and eye problems
  • Your goldfish has clamped fins? What to do so it perks up

... plus over 40 more symptoms (with solutions)

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What makes this book reliable?
The Truth About Goldfish is based on 15+ years of hands-on, real-life experience and countless hours of research into goldfish keeping. Veterinarians, breeders, pathologists, importers and seasoned goldfish owners were consulted on goldfish care. All of this research has been poured into the book, so you can have a dependable, permanent source of information to turn to whenever you need. It's like having a goldfish expert at your side at any moment!
Why not just go on YouTube or do a Google search?
It doesn't take long browsing the internet to realize that there is a lot of conflicting advice online. Some of it is useful, but a lot of it is downright inaccurate. What really works? What is only theory? Who do you believe?
The Truth About Goldfish goes deeper: Instead of you having to take the risk of trial-and-error with your beloved pets to figure out what works, this book was written to clear away the misinformation and give you the complete truth, saving you time, money and heartache.
Will you tell me everything I need to get?
Yes. You'll learn exactly what you need to have for a thriving aquarium (as well as money-saving tips). You will save money by buying only what is useful.
Can I read the eBook on a mobile device?
Yes. The eBook is in PDF format and is readable on mobile. You can download it directly to your computer to pull up whenever you need it.


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